About Hana

Hana began performing as an actor when she was eight, and began singing soon thereafter. By high school, she was singing, dancing, and acting every chance she got. She sang lead vocals and wrote lyrics for hard rock band Aurin, performed in plays and musicals, and studied at the Manhattan School of Music Preparatory Division before beginning her college career as a Vocal Performance Major at the Hartt School of Music in Connecticut. After a single semester, however, Hana questioned whether classical music was truly her calling. She eventually transferred to Sarah Lawrence College to study writing and public policy, but found her way back into the music department, where she met Tami in a music theory class.

hana denson

Hana’s post-college endeavors were even more varied than ever before. She moved to New Orleans, joined AmeriCorps, traveled throughout the US and abroad, and held a variety of jobs before landing in the natural foods industry. Throughout the sometimes harrowing and hazardous journey of self-discover, Hana continued singing in many genres including pop & rock covers, jazz, blues, original hard rock, and opera.

After moving back to the garden state in 2014, Hana started adding piano accompaniment to the lyrics she had been writing for so many years. She loves genre-bending songs that combine sad lyrics with rock music you can dance to, and vise versa. Her vocals range from sultry almost-whispers to angry shouts and powerful belts.

A music theory dork at heart, Hana is excited to continue the journey of musical creation and exploration she began with Tami—a talented musician and songwriter—back in college.